3 Features Of Private Boat Charters That Are Ideal For Children

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A private boat charter provides a way to enjoy an all-day boating experience for the whole family. With a captain at the helm of the ship, you have the opportunity to enjoy all the features of a boat and can put all of the focus and fun on your children. As you book private boat charters and look through your options, consider specific features catered to children. 

The following features will make the day more manageable and allow children to get the best experience out of the whole trip.

1. Beds

You probably wouldn't want to nap on an all-day charter, but the length of the trip could present a lot of exhaustion for a child. A private boat with a bed area gives the child an opportunity to nap and re-energize while on the trip. An indoor bed will prevent winds or splashes of water from disrupting their sleep.

Some bed areas may feature a television so a child can just relax and watch a show if they cannot fall asleep. A boat may feel overstimulating for a child and the extra rest can prevent tantrums or whiny moods later in the day.

2. Showers

A private boat can stop in the water at any time and give you and your children a chance to swim in the open water. While swimming is a fun activity, kids may not want to sit with dried saltwater on their bodies for the rest of the day. Many private boats will include a small shower so a child can rinse off and get clean.

A swap into some fresh clothes can help reduce irritability and provide a new burst of energy for the rest of the trip. Pack extra outfits for the trip and provide quick showers after swim sessions for the most comfort.

3. Indoor Eating Options

Children can get really messy when they eat. If they eat meals on a ship deck, food could fly everywhere and the experience could create extra stress. A boat cabin with tables and eating areas provides an easy way for children to eat and enjoy meals without outside forces. Families can relax together and enjoy the inside cabin.

An indoor cabin may also include cooking options like microwaves and stovetops. Parents can prepare meals and snacks for their child all throughout the day with the use of an indoor kitchen area.

Browse through descriptions and galleries of private boat charters to learn more about the features available for a full-day family adventure.

Contact a local private boat charter service to learn more.