3 Reasons To Take Your Child To The Theater

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Technology has almost completely replaced the need for live entertainment. Many people feel that there is no place for the theater in the lives of today's youth, but these people couldn't be more wrong.

Attending a live performance of a play can offer your child some very unique and important benefits that can help them mature and grow.

Here are three reasons why you should make a concerted effort to take your child to the theater in the future.

1. Build Empathy

Empathy is a critical emotion that children can have a hard time comprehending. A lot of the entertainment found online doesn't promote empathy. In fact, it promotes the opposite. Video clips and cartoons published on social media are often designed to poke fun at others.

Attending a live performance will give your child the unique ability to watch a character's journey unfold right before them. Following the character's journey allows your child to imagine what it would be like to walk in the character's shoes.

This simple action can help promote feelings of compassion and understanding that will make your child more empathetic over time.

2. Enhance Engagement

Getting your child to engage can seem like an impossible task. Today's youth are exposed to so many messages at any one time that focusing on a single subject can be challenging.

A live performance can bring the concepts and conflicts included in the script to life. Your child won't be able to use the pause or rewind button during a play, so they must pay close attention to what's happening on the stage in order to understand the plot.

Giving your child the opportunity to practice being more engaged in a theater setting can make it easier for him or her to enhance engagement levels in school.

3. Increase Patience

Patience is a valuable skill for people of all ages. Today's youth have access to a myriad of entertainment sources at their fingertips. Videos and photographs can be flipped through at an alarming speed, giving your child the ability to avoid boredom or delays with ease.

Living in a world filled with instant gratification doesn't help your child develop patience. A live theater performance requires that the audience remain patient and wait for the plot to unfold.

Your child won't be able to skip ahead through the boring parts of a play but must wait patiently for the conflict to be resolved.

The theater can improve your child's patience and help them develop more effective coping mechanisms. For more information, contact a company like the Cold Blooded Show.