7 Things To Know When Going To An Indoor Trampoline Park

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Planning to go to an indoor trampoline park for the first time? It will help to know the following things so that you can be well prepared for the experience.

Bring A Water Bottle

You are going to quickly get hot from jumping around on all those trampolines. It will be helpful to have a water bottle with you so that you can grab something to drink without having to buy it at the trampoline park. It's also just a good idea to stay hydrated when getting all that exercise.

Wear Lightweight Clothes

Make sure that you are dressed for the occasion before you go by wearing lightweight clothes. Try wearing what you would wear to go to the gym to work out because you are going to be sweating by the time you are ready to leave.

Know There May Be A Sock Requirement

Many trampoline parks require that you wear special non-slip socks when you are jumping on the trampolines. This helps avoid unexpected accidents as people are jumping around, doing flips, and landing on the trampoline at weird angles. 

Be Familiar With The Rules

Every trampoline park is a bit different when it comes to the rules for what you can and can't do. That's why you want to familiarize yourself with them before you jump. For example, you may be limited to a single person on a trampoline, so you are not allowed to double bounce other people. You also may not be allowed to sit or lie down on the trampolines either, because that is how people easily get hurt. 

Spit Out Your Gum

It's not a good idea to have anything in your mouth that you can accidentally choke on while jumping on the trampolines. If you are chewing gum, spit it out before you start jumping just to be safe. 

Secure Your Personal Belongings

Have a cell phone or a wallet that you are bringing with you? Consider securing those somewhere before you get on the trampolines. The last thing you want is to lose something in the bottom of a foam pit where it will be very difficult to find. Consider leaving valuables in your car or placing them in a secure locker. 

Don't Jump Onto The Pads

An easy way to get hurt is to jump from the trampolines onto a hard surface, such as the pads around the edges or in between trampolines. Always try to land on the trampolines to ensure you have a soft landing. 

Call an entertainment center with an indoor jump zone, such as Exhilarate, for more advice.