3 Tricks For Improving Your Casino Slot Game Odds

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There's no bigger thrill than winning big at the slot machine, but despite the simple and colorful exteriors of these games, slots can be deceptively complicated because due to their tricky odds that usually favor the casino over the player. However, the best way to improve your odds is to increase your skill and learn a few tricks of the trade. The more you know, the more likely you might hit big. Here are three ways to help increase your odds.  

Research RTPs

If you're a casual slot player, you might not realize that online slots are rated by a percentage called an RTP, an acronym for Return To Player Percentage. It's the percentage of wagered money that a certain game or machine will pay back to players over time. The slots with the best odds have an RTP over 96%. When you're trying to decide on a slot machine to play, a quick online search of the game's RTP will be helpful in choosing one that has a higher chance of paying out. Unfortunately, this number can be a little harder to find for physical slot machines because casinos can order machines of the same game with varying RTPs. A good rule of thumb, however, is to note that games with higher coin denominations, such as $1 or $5 games, usually have much higher RTPs. Penny slots always have the worst RTPs.  

Research Volatility /Variance

Volatility, also referred to as variance, is a measurement of the risk level involved in a slot game. Unfortunately, casinos never publicize these numbers for obvious reasons. However, with a little online sleuthing, you may be able to find a measurement of the volatility of your favorite slot game. But you can also get a feel for the game's volatility by playing it and observing patterns. Games that you're able to win big on but very infrequently are high volatility games. Games that pay small wins more frequently are low volatility. High volatility games are often the most rewarding if you have the time, the patience, and you don't mind investing a little more money in the game for the chance at winning big later.  

Avoid the Simplest Games

Some players tend to favor simple games because there's a shallower learning curve and that allows a person to pick up the game quickly and start playing right away without wasting time on complicated strategies or learning new skills. However, if this sounds like your style, you should know that the simplest games often have the worst odds. If you want to increase your chances of winning, pick a slightly more complicated game, and take a little time to learn it.

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