Treasure Hunting At The Beach

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Oceanside treasure hunting can be a potentially rewarding hobby due to the constant movement of the ocean and the likelihood of someone losing jewelry or change while relaxing in or by the water. If you will be spending some time at an ocean retreat this summer, learn about metal detection equipment that you can use during some personal explorations.

The Equipment

There are many metal detecting videos that can be viewed online for free. Videos may cover the basics associated with using detection equipment, including how to sweep equipment across an expanse of land and what types of geographical clues to look for, which will increase the likelihood of discovering a treasure. Any type of metal detector can be used at the beach, but the strength of a unit's magnetic field may affect the accuracy of detecting various types of metal.

Generally, a metal detector contains inductor coils that are circular or oval-shaped. A small series of coils will allow a detector to move effortlessly through thick brush or across uneven terrain. A large series of coils can cover more land, but the coils' magnetic field may not be as strong as a smaller series of coils, since the magnetic waves will be spread out more than those produced by a more compact detector.

Many experienced and novice detectors choose to use a pinpointer tool and a scoop, to aid them with locating small items. A pinpointer is a small tool that can be used to locate metal that is wedged in between surfaces. A scoop can be used to sift through wet or dry sand.

The Terrain

Watching videos that showcase treasure hunts conducted along a beach will help you plan your first detecting trip. Take notes that relate to the manner in which each person uses their equipment. Some treasure hunters prefer to scan an area in its entirety and will walk along a portion of the beach several times. Other hunters may use a more casual approach and may crisscross from side to side, covering various points between where the water lies during high and low tides.

If you would like to search for treasures on both dry land and in water, purchase equipment that is waterproof. A zippered pouch that can be secured to your waist will allow you to store treasures that you find throughout each journey.

For guidance with determining what to do with the treasures that you find, review information within metal detecting videos that showcase how others have made money from their discoveries or preserved the items. For more information, contact a company like The Booty Hunters.