Tips For Holding A Mechanical Bull Riding Competition

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If you're looking for a truly unique way to entertain your friends at a party, why not rent a mechanical bull? Your friends will not only have fun riding it, but also watching others take rides. But as fun as a bull-riding party might be, there are a few challenges that are sure to come up. Here are some tips to minimize the challenges and ensure your party goes off without a hitch!

1. Use safety equipment.

When the rental company drops off the mechanical bull, they will typically also drop off a lot of safety equipment. This will definitely include pads to place on the ground around the bull, and it may also include some padded wall material to place in a circle around the bull. Make sure you set up and use this padding. Going without it is not "tough" or "cool" — it's a good way to have your party end with a 911 call. 

2. Set up a formal contest.

Everyone is going to want to ride the bull. You do not want the same people claiming the bull and riding again and again, while others don't get a chance. A good way to keep things organized and ensure everyone gets a turn is to set up a formal contest. Let everyone ride the bull twice in a row, and keep track of everyone's times. The better of the two times will count. Once everyone has had a chance to ride twice and you've chosen a winner, you can start the competition over again, giving everyone more chances to ride.

3. Assign someone to record the rides.

Some people are going to want their rides recorded on video, and others are going to hope nobody records them! To ensure you don't have five people gathering around too closely and trying to record, assign one person to videotape rides upon request. They can ask each person if they want a video as they climb on. Having all of the videos recorded on a single phone will help everyone share the videos once the party is over. Plus, you won't end up with 5 videos of some rides and zero of another.

Holding a mechanical bull riding party is a great way to ensure a memorable evening. By assigning someone to record the rides, using all of the safety gear, and organizing a formal contest, you'll be in good shape.