Planning A Rave Event? You'll Want This Equipment

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Raves often get a bad reputation for their participant's use of drugs, but the reality is that people can enjoy rave environments without using illegal substances. If you're putting on a drug-free rave event in your community — perhaps as a gathering to raise money for a local teen charity — you'll want to rent some equipment to make the experience feel as authentic as possible. Fortunately, you can visit a local A/V rental service to get everything that you need. Many A/V rentals companies will deliver your items and set them up, too, so you can be confident that everything will work correctly. Here are some items that should be on your rental list.

Sound System

One of the central elements to any rave event is the loud, bass-heavy music, so you'll definitely need to rent a sound system that will be compatible with your venue. Talk to a rental agent about the bass response from different systems. You may even want to take some examples of the music that you'll be playing to the A/V rental service's location to test the various sound systems and determine which one makes the music sound best.


Lights are also integral to the rave experience, and there are several different types of lights that you'll want for your event. Spotlights, especially with different color filters, can definitely add a funky vibe to your venue. Laser-style lights, including those that mount to the ceiling or to the stage and rotate at various intervals — and while emitting various colors — can also help to add to the atmosphere. Any A/V rental service should be able to demonstrate different lighting options, perhaps even in a dark space, so that you'll know which will be best to rent.

Smoke Machine

People rent smoke machines for a variety of uses, but this is another device that can be integral to the rave experience. Your rental agent will likely want to know the approximate square footage of the space in which you'll be holding the rave event. Knowing this information will allow him or her to recommend not only what type of smoke machine to rent, but also how many machines will be optimal to have on hand. The combination of the lights cutting through the smoke can be a visually appealing scene for those in attendance at your rave. Don't be afraid to ask the rental agent for other recommendations of gear that will enhance your event.