3 Tips For A Successful Tailgating Event

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Tailgating and football go hand-in-hand. Superfans like to gather before the game to celebrate their favorite team in style. Hosting a tailgating event can be a big responsibility. A little advance planning and a solid game plan are needed to ensure that your tailgating event will be counted in the win column.

1. Prepare Food Beforehand

Good food is central to any successful tailgating event. People want to consume a good meal before the game, and BBQ items are typically on the menu. It can be helpful to prepare your food beforehand when you are planning a large tailgating event.

Select menu items that travel well (like pulled pork). Having all of your food prepared before you arrive at the stadium will allow you to enjoy your event and leave the bulky BBQ equipment at home.

2. Have a Restroom Plan

Whenever people consume food and drink, they need access to restroom facilities. A usable toilet can be a rare commodity in a stadium parking lot. If you want your tailgating event to provide a VIP tailgate experience for your guests, consider bringing along an RV.

Hosting your tailgating event out of an RV not only ensures that a toilet will be within reach at all times, but it also gives you and your guests a place to sit comfortably and escape the elements. Don't worry if you don't own an RV—you can always rent one for the day. Most stadiums have RV parking, so finding a spot for your RV shouldn't be too challenging.

3. Provide Entertainment

In addition to food and drinks, entertainment is a critical element in the success of any tailgating event. You should bring along some games that will encourage your tailgating guests to interact with one another. Cornhole, card games, and other interactive forms of entertainment will create a sense of community among your guests.

You can also use the television in your RV to broadcast any pre-game shows being aired. Guests can get involved with the commentary and discuss the technical aspects of the upcoming game as they prepare to support their favorite team.

Tailgating is a time-honored tradition. A successful tailgating event provides you with a way to enjoy the company of other fans as you prepare for a game. The right food, a fully-equipped RV, and multiple forms of entertainment can ensure that you and your guests have a tailgating experience to remember.