Why A Scissor Lift Is Useful To Rent For A Youth Sports Tournament

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A scissor lift is a highly versatile tool, and while it might be a fixture on movie and TV sets, it's also effective to rent for a wide range of other jobs. If you belong to a committee that oversees a tournament for a local sports league, you might want to think about renting a scissor lift in advance of this event. These machines are available at a wide range of equipment rental services, and you can choose one of an acceptable size and that lifts to a suitable height. Here are some different ways that you and your fellow tournament officials can use a scissor lift at a youth sports tournament.

Film The Games

You may want to film each game of the tournament for different reasons. For example, if you want to live stream the games on your website or social media page, you'll want to pick a good angle at which the entire field of play is visible. This is difficult to achieve unless you have large grandstands, which isn't always the case at youth sporting events. Additionally, filming from the grandstand can make for a less-than-optimal product, as the camera will pick up the voices from the fans sitting around you. Positioning the scissor lift in a suitable area and filming from atop it will be perfect.

Take Team Photos

While there's nothing wrong with taking team photos from the ground or from a ladder, you can create highly appealing images from shooting them from your rented scissor lift. This elevated position works well with team photos, as those in the middle and back rows are more highly visible when you shoot from above. Additionally, if you want to get a photo of all of the tournament's teams together, this task may be all but impossible unless you can get elevated enough. On a scissor lift, you'll have the perfect angle for these photographs.

Augment The Celebrations

Following the final game of the tournament, the championship-winning team will be celebrating on the field. It's possible to use the rented scissor lift to aid in this celebration. For example, if it's positioned close to the field, you can have your tournament administrators direct the players to celebrate close to the base of the lift. From this elevated position, you can drop confetti onto the players. This idea pays tribute to what is commonplace at large-scale professional sporting events, making it an exciting touch for the players.

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