3 Fun Activities To Offer At Your Child's Next Outdoor Birthday Party

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Want to have your child's birthday party outside this year? If you want your child and all the guests to have some fun, there are certain activities you should offer during the event. These activities will make for such a memorable and enjoyable time.

Inflatable Bounce House

Rent out an inflatable bounce house and conveniently set it up outdoors. As long as you have the space for it, the children will enjoy being able to jump around in it. The inflatable bounce houses are often available in different sizes and colors. Some of these bounce houses even come equipped with a section for jumping, a section for climbing, and a section for sliding. Before you rent a bounce house, look at the different styles and pick one based on what you think the children will like the most while attending the birthday party. Turn to a bounce house rental business such as Cool Cat Sites to get started on your next big event.

Decorate a Cookie Station

Bake some cookies ahead of time and then fill a table with cookies and toppings to give children the opportunity to decorate their own cookies. Some of the different toppings that you can put out on the table with the cookies include sprinkles, whipped cream, frosting, miniature marshmallows, gummy bears, and more. Think of all the toppings you could possibly ever want to have on a cookie and then add some of those toppings to bowls before spreading them out on a table to create a simple and fun cookie station that the children will love.

Face Painting

Many children love to have their faces painted, so having a face painting station would be a great way to keep the kids entertained while they are celebrating at the birthday party. You do not even need to hire a professional to paint the faces of the children. You can purchase a face painting kit that comes with toxic-free, kid-friendly paint in assorted colors, brushes, and various stencils that you can use to paint images on children's faces of some of their favorite things, such as hearts, butterflies, stars, and birds. When children come over to the station, you can let them pick the stencil they want used and the color of paint they prefer.

If you will have your child's next birthday celebration outdoors and you want to offer different activities to the children to make sure they are having a great time, you can rent out an inflatable bounce house, set up a cookie station where the kids can decorate their own cookies, and even offer face painting. These activities are sure to be a huge hit at any children's event.