Ideas To Pursue When You Rent A Bounce House For A Halloween Party

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People frequently rent bounce houses for birthday parties and other summer gatherings, but you should also consider how much fun this inflatable attraction can be at other times of the year. Halloween is a favorite occasion for many children, which makes planning a Halloween party for your kids and their friends something that might be on your agenda. Instead of solely watching spooky movies and eating too much candy, consider renting a bounce house for the gathering. Here are some ideas that you can pursue when you rent a bounce house around Halloween.

Choose A Spooky Design

Although lots of bounce houses are generic structures in primary colors to make them suitable for any type of gathering, you can often find these devices in spooky designs. This can be the perfect attraction for a Halloween party, as your children and their peers will have fun playfully frightening themselves. For example, you can find a bounce house that looks like a large jack-o-lantern that children must enter through the mouth. Or, you might find one that is structured like a haunted castle with graphics of ghosts, skeletons, and other monsters peeking out of the windows.

Match It To The Costumes

As a parent, you'll frequently know not only how your children will be dressing for Halloween, but also how their friends will be dressing. If you have young daughters, it's safe to say that princess-themed costumes will be popular during the party, for example. If this is the case, look for a bounce house that will match the costumes that the party's participants will be wearing. For the princess theme, you shouldn't have trouble finding a bounce house that is shaped like a royal chariot. Your daughters and their friends will have fun stepping into the bounce house as though they're royalty — and then bouncing the afternoon away.

Have Costume-Based Contests

Contests are frequently a big part of Halloween parties, and there are lots of opportunities for contests when you add a Halloween bounce house to the mix. Children frequently wear comfortable, athletic clothing when they jump in bounce houses, so everyone will find amusement in the children playing with their costumes on. While you'll certainly want to evaluate each child's costume to ensure that it doesn't contain anything hard or sharp that could cause an injury or damage to the bounce house, one is idea to give prizes for the funniest costumed dance routine inside of the bounce house.

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