4 Ways To Make Your Vacation Rental Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

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As vacation rentals grow in popularity, your rental also faces increasing levels of competition. One way to make your vacation rental stand out, increase the amount of money you can charge per night, and improve your reviews is to incorporate some features usually only offered by luxury hotels. Doing this will offer your guests a degree of comfort, style, and luxury that is hard to find outside of an expensive hotel, while still offering the benefits of a vacation rental. Here are three ways to make your vacation rental feel like a luxury hotel:

Add TVs for Hospitality

A TV for hospitality setup is what most nicer hotels offer in their guest rooms, but these packages can also be purchased for vacation rentals. Start by upgrading to a large screen, high-quality television in each bedroom and the living room of your rental, so your guests can relax and unwind in luxury after a day of sightseeing. Your TV for hospitality package should include premium cable, On Demand, and a welcome screen that presents helpful information about the rental for your guests, similar to what they would see if they turned on the TV at a nice hotel.

TVs for hospitality can be customized to show the photos, graphics, and text messages you want on each TV in the rental. Include local sightseeing information, or focus on practical details like the wifi code for the rental, along with a warm and friendly welcome message.

Upgrade the Linens

One thing that makes luxury hotels stand out is the high-quality bed linens and towels that truly make guests feel pampered. Discount home goods stores often have hotel-quality, high thread count sheets and duvet covers in stock for an affordable price. Throw out those ratty old towels, and upgrade to fluffy, large white towels just like at a luxury hotel.

Add Updated Lighting

Luxury hotels know how to create a nice ambiance with the use of lighting. Instead of harsh overhead lighting, it's a good idea to upgrade to recessed LED lighting throughout the vacation rental. Be sure to add dimmer switches so they can adjust the lighting according to their mood and needs. Bedside tables for reading are also a nice touch that will make the bedroom feel more hotel-like. They can also be used to store small items such as reading glasses. 

By incorporating these tips into upgrading your vacation rental, you help your guests feel like they are staying at a luxury hotel.