Building Your Horror Vinyl Collection

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Movies and music go hand in hand, especially when it comes to horror films. In order to make people suspend their disbelief, you have to really immerse them into the story. Horror generates fright from people, which isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. That's why in so many horror films, there are iconic musical scores that help to create the emotional response in viewers. If you happen to be a horror buff or just a film buff as a whole, there are plenty of horror vinyl collections that you'll be proud to own. In this article, you'll learn more about figuring out which vinyls to add to your collection and how to find them.

How do you know what to add to your horror vinyl collection?

If you are going to start a horror vinyl collection, it begins by studying up on the genre itself the best that you can. Watch as many horror films as you can get your hands on, starting with the classics. By watching the films that are heralded as the best, you can start to figure out which ones suit your tastes, and which franchises you prefer.

Once you do this, you will also start getting to know which songs in the movie put these films on the map. They may be one-off songs that played in a particular scene of a cult classic, or they could be theme songs that gets played frequently in a franchise. Either way, figure out what it is about these songs that you like and what moods they create. Research the names of the albums, artists, and songs as you set out to find them on vinyl.

What can you do to find the records that you need?

If you're interested in picking up some great finds on vinyl, start by reaching out to other collectors. Many people are willing to make trades or sales and have the vinyl in its original print, or in one of the first releases. You can also start to reach out to online and brick-and-mortar record shops to browse through their horror vinyl collection. Figure out how important it is to have original copies as opposed to reprints, and go from there. You should also maintain a spreadsheet of each and every item you have, making sure to log its value and what you paid for it. Create another list of records that you intend to add to your collection.

Consider these tips and start shopping for some great horror vinyl records to add to your collection.