Three Tips For Choosing The Right DJ For Your Son's Bar Mitzvah

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When you throw a Bar Mitzvah for your son, you want to be sure that it is as fun as it can be for him. You are celebrating a very special time in his life and it is often an occasion where a lot of singing and dancing take place. It is best to hire a professional DJ to handle the music for the party. Below you will find a few tips to use when choosing the right DJ to play music at your son's Bar Mitzvah.

Consider What Music You Want to be Played

The first thing you need to discuss with the DJ is what music you want to be played at the party. Be sure to specify if there are traditional songs that are essential for him or her to play at the party. You may also want to set restrictions for what songs can be played. You should let the DJ know that you do not want any music with foul language or sexual innuendos to be played.

Consider the Duration they DJ Will Need to Perform

The DJ needs to know when he or she is expected to arrive and how long you want them to perform. This allows them to properly plan for the party. They also need to know if they will be playing music during the entire party or if there will be portions of the party where they will be able to take a break because people will be making speeches or there will be times when presents will need to be opened.

Determine if the DJ Has His or Her Own Equipment

You also need to determine if you are responsible for renting speakers and microphones for the DJ to use when they are performing or if they will supply their own equipment. If the DJ plans to supply their own equipment, you need to ask if people can speak on their microphone when speeches are made or not. If not, then you will need to rent equipment on your own to use during the event.

Once you have gone over the details of what you want for your son's Bar Mitzvah, you need to sign a contract with the DJ. Getting the details in writing will ensure that you can hold the DJ accountable for everything that was agreed upon when the big day arrives. Be sure to book the DJ as soon as you can to ensure that you can have the entertainment your son wants at his party.

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