Three Tips to Follow When Getting Your First Tattoo

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Getting your first tattoo can be very exciting, but you need to plan ahead for your tattoo to ensure that it turns out as great as it possibly can. There is a lot that goes into getting a tattoo that many people do not know about if they have never gotten one before. The guide below walks you through a few tips to ensure that your tattoo turns out just the way you want it to when it's finished.

Choose the Design Ahead of Time

When you walk into a tattoo studio, there are often tons of pictures of generic designs on the wall that you could have tattooed on your body, but that really isn't very original. If you want to get a custom piece so that you never have to worry about seeing it on someone else, choose the design ahead of time. Print it out to the exact size you want it to be and take it with you when you go to get the tattoo done.

Choose the Right Tattoo Artist

Take the time to find a great tattoo artist to do your tattoo for you. Check out a variety of places like The Ink Lab before selecting a tattoo parlor and artist. You need to be sure that the person has a lot of experience so that they will not push the ink into your skin too deep and so that they create crisp, clean lines. Look at the portfolios of any artists you are considering and ask for suggestions from friends who have tattoos.

Eat Before You Go to Get Your Tattoo Done

Take the time to eat a solid meal before you go to get your tattoo done. The process can make you feel a bit dizzy and light headed if you do not have anything solid in your stomach because of the adrenaline that will be pumping while you are getting your tattoo done. Be sure to avoid drinking alcohol before getting the tattoo though. If you are inebriated, you may not heed the tattoo artist's guidance about staying still and could end up ruining your tattoo.

After your tattoo is complete, the artist will suggest ointment to rub on the tattoo regularly to keep the area moist so it heals properly. You need to use the specific ointment the artist suggests regularly to ensure that the tattoo does not dry out and scab. If it does, some areas could become distorted, and the colors could be off. Use sunblock on your tattoo at all times to keep it from fading as well.